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Accounting and Finance

Develop financial acumen to manage your business successfully.

What you'll learn:
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Cost management
  • Financial Management

What it includes:
  • Length: 11 Weeks
  • Effort: 2–4 hours per week
  • Institution IIMBx
  • Subject: Business & Management
  • Level: Intermediate

About this course

This business course helps you to read and understand financial statements to evaluate how business performance is affected by four fundamental drivers of profitability viz., asset management, cost management, leverage management and tax management. It will also help you to identify areas for improvement.

The second part of this finance course deals with managing costs. You will learn how to prepare cost sheets, budget and make cost-based decisions.

The third part of the course provides an overview of financial markets to raise capital of different types. You will develop the ability to prepare and evaluate finances for your business plan and manage working capital.

The overall objective of the course is to build financial acumen to make you a successful entrepreneur or manager.

Note : Enrolling for the Course is Free, you only need to pay, if you wish to get a Certificate.

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