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Learn Angular.Js by Building 10 Projects

Learn how to build powerful web apps with AngularJS in this AngularJS online tutorial course for beginners.

  • Build Angular JS Apps and Websites
  • Implement JS concepts learned during the course
  • Build professional websites using cutting edge Angular JS techniques
  • Learn professional web development using Angular JS

  • Angular Js
  • Web Development
  • HTML

About this Course

The most comprehensive AngularJS training program is here. We love this amazingly powerful framework for web apps and we promise you will love this course. By the end of it you will understand the concepts behind Angular design and will be able to create you own websites and apps. AngularJS was initially released in 2009 and it has been growing rapidly ever since. If you want to be a web developer you must learn AngularJS and with time it is going to be as essential as HTML. Our Angular course will focus on important features such as decoupling DOM manipulation and to decouple client side from the server side implementation in web apps.

So why use AngularJS?
  • AngularJS uses directives to add new mark-ups to HTML and turns static HTML files in to something dynamic. It is an innovative approach to incorporating HTML and developing big web applications.
  • AngularJS organizes views, controllers, directives, filters and such other elements in to separate modules. This division becomes convenient for building and managing an application.
  • AngularJS has a built-in dependency injection system and is unit-testable.
  • AngularJS uses data-binding directives to provide a projection of the model to the application view. It automates synchronization of data between model and view components. This allows developers to avoid writing a considerable amount of boilerplate code.
  • AngularJS has a built-in template engine consisting of plain HTML pages (views) as well as controllers written in JavaScript to build rich user interfaces.

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